Staging a Vacant Home

2 10 2007

Selling a vacant home in Rockland County NY can be a challenge. Vacant homes are difficult for several reasons:

  • There is no furniture to give buyers a sense of scale. Vacant homes appear smaller because there is nothing in the room use as a reference point.
  • When there is no furnishings in a home every tiny flaw and imperfection is magnified. Home stagers never cover flaws, but when the home is furnished the tiny dings in the sheet rock or minor flaws are not the only things that potential buyers will focus on.
  • It is difficult to fall in love with a vacant home. They are cold and impersonal. Buying a home is an emotional decision and when the home is vacant it is harder to picture yourself living there.
  • In a vacant home the rooms do not have a defined purpose – buyers are left to guess what is the intended purpose of each room. At Rockland Home Staging we ensure that each room has a clear purpose and is welcoming and inviting.

According to the National Association of Realtors the number of vacant homes is on the rise. Why not have your home professionally staged to ensure you get the highest price for your home. The cost of staging a vacant home is always less than the cost of the first price reduction.

Which home would you rather buy?

bedroom before Bedroom After
The in a leading national study on home staging it was reported that homes that have been staged sell for an average of 6.3% more money. Call Rockland Home Staging today to set up an appointment to have your vacant home in Rockland County staged today (845)731-9510.

We turn home browsers into home buyers.




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7 10 2007

Blog about it and they will come…

Nice to see you write over here again… 🙂

3 10 2007
Sheron Cardin

Beautiful Work!

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