Can home staging help you sell your home?

4 09 2007

What is Home Staging?

  • Preparing a home prior to sale.
  • The goal of staging is to sell a home quickly and for the most money possible by appealing to the broadest market of potential home buyers.
  • Decluttering is just a tiny piece of staging. Staging is making a home appeal to buyers through needed repairs, upgrades, updates, cleaning, depersonalizing and rearranging furnishings.

What are the Benefits of Staging?

  • According to research homes that have been staged sell in 50% less time.
  • Staged homes sell for 6.3% more money.
  • Homes that have been staged look better online which leads to increased traffic.

When Should a Home be Staged?

  • Ideally, homes should be staged prior to going on the market and before the MSL listing photos.
  • Staging works best before the first open house – it is hard to recapture that “new to the market” buzz.
  • Will home staging help an older listing? Absolutely – it is never too late to stage a home.

When you are thinking of putting your Rockland County NY, Bergen County NJ or Hudson Valley home on the market, call The Staging Prince at 845-875-4561 for a professional consultation before you list. We can help you take the guesswork out of getting your home ready for sale.




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11 09 2007
Rockland Home Staging

Kermit – I think there is a huge difference betweek Feng Shui and Home Staging. Feng Shui is a very personal / spiritual form of decorating. Home Staging the process of depersonalizing the home to make it appeal to the broadest range of buyers.

Making a home appear spacious, uncluttered and welcoming are the top priorities of home stagers.

I agree that before anyone hires a home stager they should interview them, check their references and portfolio. All home stagers are not equal.

Thanks for your comment.

7 09 2007
kermit johnson

Generally, staging has been helpful for selling my listings. However, once I hired a stager to prepare a home for sale. She staged it for feng shui, “flow” or whatever, but did nothing to make the home look bigger. The size of the home was the principal obstacle to selling the home. So no one made an offer, until I went back and had the seller remove about 50% of their belongings.

If you hire a stager, make sure that you know what your objective is.

6 09 2007

Hey There…I have stopped by in awhile! Hello

5 09 2007
Richie Urban

Great Post — TOTALLY AGREED! I did a field test once with staging and had 2 open houses (one staged & one unstaged). When unstaged, the house received insults — When staged I received 2 contracts THAT DAY!

Real Estate Investor in South Florida

5 09 2007
Rachel B

I agree that homes must be staged before the MLS photos are taken and before the first open house! You just can’t go wrong by selling a house that looks it’s best.

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