What is your home telling people?

27 06 2007

Rockland Home Staging

The first time potential home buyers encounter your home will most likely be on the internet. Your listing photos are critical to the speedy sale of your home. 85% of home buyers are beginning their search on the internet – the listing photos must be able to prompt home buyers to pick up the phone and call their agent to view the home.

With so many homes on the market in Rockland County NY and Bergen County NJ today listing photos are more important than ever. Home buyers can only see a limited number of homes in a day and they will make those determinations by viewing the listing photos.

So what is your home telling people? Are your listing photos showing beautifully staged rooms and inviting spaces or is your home telling people to go away?

The best thing you can do before listing your home is to have it professionally staged so they it will photography and show well. Now it is time to find a real estate agent. Check out the agent’s current listings. Are the homes photographed well or are the shots dark and blurry? Does the agent offer virtual tours for their listings. Contact several agents and interview them – many will pay for Professional Home Staging services, professional photography and virtual tours as part of their listing package.

If you are ready to begin your real estate journey, contact Rockland Home Staging first. We will help you navigate the stressful and often confusing world of real estate.




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20 12 2007

Oh, and did not know about it. Thanks for the information …

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