Real Estate Bergen County NJ

20 06 2007

When listing a home for sale in Bergen County NJ there are many factors to consider. Some of these factors are within your control others are beyond it. First you must consider the market, second the locations, third the condition and finally the price.

Homeowners have no control over the market and location. They are a large contributing factor in the Real Estate process. The things homeowners in Bergen county NJ have control over is the price and the condition of the home. Any experienced real estate agent will tell you that any home will sell if it is priced right.

The only proven way to make more money when it comes time to sell your home is to improve the condition. Homes that show well will sell faster and for more money. Earlier we discussed Curb Appeal and how it makes a big difference when selling a home.

Home staging is a proven way to sell your home for more money. Homes that have been professionally staged sell for 6.3% more money and in half the time. At Rockland Home Staging we specialize in finding the hidden potential in every home. We make simple, inexpensive suggestions that are proven to result and a faster more profitable sale.




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