Hello world – It’s me, Rockland County!

17 04 2007

Rockland County New York is a unique place to live, nestled in the Hudson River Valley it boasts rural charm only minutes away from New York City. Discover Rockland is the place to discuss local happenings from Piermont to Stony Point and everywhere in between.

Rockland is considered part of the New York metro area although residents of Long Island and the five boroughs will often refer to it as “upstate”, a designation that make Rocklanders quizzical.

With a population of 300,000 and full of parkland and open space, Rockland has been able to retain that small town feel. It is a place where people say hello to their neighbors and where block parties are a regular occurrence. It is a place where moms cannot get out of the grocery story without encountering at least a friend or two. It is a place where the playgrounds are alive with the sounds of children’s laughter. It is a place where families live and play. Whether you are into fine dining, arts and entertainment, historic sites or fabulous shopping – Rockland County has it all.

I am proud to live and work in Rockland and I look forward to uncovering some of its hidden charm.




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